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X-men movie – Review

X-men was a movie which was brought out in the year 2000. It would bring on one of many in a line of epic and some…. less than epic movies. But we will get to those in other reviews. For now let’s focus on the movie simply called: X-men.

The movie begins in the second world war. We see a line of people being led into camp, and oddly one boy in particular. He is being pulled from the line and watches his parents being dragged along into the camp. In his stressful moment he trashes the gate… to which the soldiers knock him out and then… well nothing.

Now Xavier leaves the seminar and quickly finds his way behind another character, we will learn is called Eric. They have a discussion about humans and we conclude that both men are mutants and that Charles Xavier is one who can read minds, like mentioned before in the seminar… How convenient. The scene ends with Eric explaining they are the future, and humans must make way. Leaving Xavier to ponder on this.

We cut to not to distant future, where we meet up with Marie. One of the main characters of the movie, played by Anna Paquin. She is talking and making out with her boyfriend, when, well surprise she too manifests her powers leaving her we assume boyfriend in a coma like state. While this all happens we get a small voice over from what we learn is Jean Grey, who explains that what we have seen two cases of mutants… and that it happens around puberty, more precise in periods of heightened stress. Now I got that the boy had been under a lot of stress… world war and all. But Marie, well a kiss can be stressful… Anyway she is being interupted by one of the side character movie villains. Senator Kelly. He seems displeased by the idea and refers to some files he obtained about mutants who lived in New York so far.A couple of mentions are found in here for the comic fans to look forward to. *coughs* KITTY PRIDE *COUGHS* and while he talks about telepaths the camera deftly zooms in onto Xavier, another one of the main characters. Yes there are a lot you get thrown at you in the very first minutes of the movie.

When the scene cuts to a much darker scenery we find the girl from before Marie, she fled her home to go onto the trip she wanted to do… only now, fleeing… and alone…. and well less than the way she imagined I suppose. But the scene doesn’t seem to be about her but about yet another character introduced to us. The scene focusses on a cage fight going on in the bar where the girl is being dropped off, by the voice of Beast, I am not kidding that guy did Beasts voice in the animated series. We find a guy beating the crap out of another guy, I love the part where baldy of the two, who was told to not kick the other guy in the balls, well, kicks him in the balls. Thus angering our main focus of the moment. We hear some metalic noises while he knocks him out in 4 blows and finally we find his name is: Wolverine. Played by Hugh Jackman. With this the fighting seems to stop and it’s time for a much needed beer. We also see Marie in the same bar staring at him, while baldy, who we find out is called Stu, wants his money back. He actually threatens Wolverine with: I know what you are. Because well threatening someone who already kicked your ass is really smart. So Wolverine gets angry again, when Stu tries to attack him in the back. He is being told to leave, and does so, but not after he cuts the shotgun of the bartender in half. And what does Marie do after seeing Wolverine has claws that can kill her in an instant?

She crawls in the back of his trailer…. Because, well… roadtrip? Wolverine hears her in the back and pulls over basically telling her to piss off and gets back in the car. But while he sees her fading in the distance at the side of the road he gets a change of heart and stops, allowing her to tag along for the ride. As she tries to bond, it seems he does have some soft spot as he tells he he won’t hurt her, to which she reveals she is actually called Rogue. Wolverine reveals his other name is Logan. After this small moment of bonding and sharing how much alike they are. Outcasts and all. Rogue or Marie states he should wear a seatbelt. How funny, just before he crashes into a falling tree and flies out ofthe car.

And yet another three new characters are introduced in a short lived fighting scene. Firts of all a large hairy… guy who hits Wolverine with a tree and then a male and female who save Rogue and Wolverine, while the trailer Wolverine owns is about to blow up. After this the scene quickly cuts again and we see Wolverine on a table where he wakes up. He is quickly on the run stealing… a hoody…. ok well he tries to find a way out, but Charles is onto him and leads him to his own class with his mind, where he explains to Wolverine who he is, and who his X-men are. Intrigued Wolverine decides to stick around.

In the meantime we see a small scene where Senator Kelly, small side character Villain like I said, is being kidnapped by a woman in blue and a male, who has kind of an off skin and weird teeth. He finds himself in the lair of the man we saw earlier known as Eric, we find out he calls himself Magneto and he is a man with a plan, the actual main villain. Senator Kelly manages to escape his lair by…. becoming…. jelly man? And falls in the sea. Magneto is most displeased.

We cut back to Rogue who has been absorbing powers of Wolverine, after he stabbed her… in his defence she did try and wake him while in a nightmare, and I always stab people when they do that. Which has the students freaked. Her new friend in the school, is Bobby. He tells her the kids find her scary and that she should just go. And well… he seems to be so convincing cause… she does.

While all this is going on Kelly arrives at the school and asks for help. The X-men help him and Xavier finds out Magneto has a machine that can turn normal people mutants. But he has to power it himself. Kelly doesn’t survive cause the process is not accepted by his body. As he turns to water and fades they find out Rogue is gone, so Xavier goes to use the machine he and Magneto build long ago to find Rogue. As they want to go and pick her up, taking a very long time, Wolverine is already there and decides to tag along with Rogue. Convincing her to come back. Storm and Cyclops are still looking for the girl at the station and are attacked by Sabretooth and one other, frog like man…

In the meantime Wolverine faces Magneto in possibly the shortest of ‘fight’ scenes ever… Sedating Rogue he has Toad carry her off. But Xavier is also outside waiting for them, and makes Toad turn and walk to the car. Because of the fight between him and Cyclops the cops had shown up, because no one would miss the whole roof being blown off by a laser beam. Magneto uses their guns against them in a stand off with both the cops and Xavier. Not wanting to risk lives Xavier backs off and the team of Magneto gets away, with Rogue.

Back at the school Xavier figures he can track Rogue using Cerebro, but one of Magneto’s mutants posing as Bobby has rigged the device with…. green…. stuff…. I don’t know either it’s not really explained except that he appearantly ends up in a coma. At the end of the day Jean realizes that she can also operate the machine, since she is a telepath too and gets in Magneto. Somehow we figure that is not supposed to happen as Scott freaks out whens he does it. But even when she seems to nearly pass out from one hell of a headache, she manages to have found the location and where Magneto is held up… Ah the climax of the plot.

The X-men suit up and get into the jet which seems to be common knowledge for the kids at the school….. cause they all gather by the window to watch… all the teachers…. fly… off…. Yeah… Ok so we see Magneto talk to Rogue explaining his plan and what her part of it is, and that to achieve this she must die. But the same time they arrive so do the X-men and we get our first full shot of the team together, standing at the foot of the statue of liberty… Freedom motherf…. well yeah.

So we find out there is this gatrhering of world leaders on Elllis Island, close to the statue of liberty, and the machine Magneto used to turn Senator Kelly, on top of it. He uses Rogue to absorb his powers and Sabretooth has to stay with him, because he will be weakened. The X-men enter the statue and more fighting ensues, of which we see Wolverine face off with who we find out is Mystique, and Jean very shortly with Toad, followed by Storm’s most memorable line in the movie… still the most… cheesy one, and Wolverine finishing off Mystique. Cyclops does, relatively little here suprisingly, even if Toad is that quick he just moves away and later on saves Jean. 

As they come up in the torch they are attacked by the metal in it. Magneto shows himself and he has his classic: We are one speech. Wolverine manages to piss him off, like he normally seems to do to people. And Magneto retreats to pass his powers on to Rogue. So what does Wolverine do while the rest hangs around? He stabs himself with… mega aim and still amazing the claws came out with his hands in that angle, but hey, plots don’t move on it’s own. Sabretooth doesn’t seem to get what is going on as as Wolverine falls to the floor he walks over. The two duke it out, in what for the fans is an epic battle on the top of the statue.

Rogue by now is powering the machine and screaming. Because well, that’s easier than letting go… right… Anyway, Wolverine manages to get a hold of Cyclops visor, which he took from Scott earlier and has Jean hoover it in front of his face, blasting Sabretooth litterally out of the movie, and for now the franchise.

As they strike a true hero pose they discuss how to save Rogue and come to the conclusion it has to be Wolverine who has to help out. The 4 of them work together, in a questionable move and after Scott shoots Magneto he manages to destroy the device and cut Rogue free. Rogue somehow has passed out, and Wolverine believes her dead, because her powers didn’t work… He could hear her move all the way back in the trailer… but a heartbeat… nope…. Well anyway he figures he will give her some of his healing, after she suddenly comes too she pushes Wolverine off who now has all the wounds of the previous fight on him. 

We end the scene with Mystique being morphed into a guard and saved, as well as Magneto being found and arrested. The day is saved and the X-men return home, we cut the scene to Xavier waking up just as the whole battle is over and Jean is back. She looks over to show Wolverine is in the infirmary as well. But don’t worry the next scene he is just fine and we find out he is ticklish… yep… Rogue seems to be fine and Jean wants to tell him to stop his attention to her, by stating him and her won’t work. They find out Mystique poses as Kelly and for now let her do what she must.

The final scene we see Wolverine take of again to find out more about his lost past, and Rogue saying goodbye to him. Of course he steals Scott’s motorcycle, and drives down the driveway of the school.

So that was the movie, A well 104 minutes of it. But is it really good. Well, surprisingly… yes it is. The plot works, even if comic characters are being insulted by the way they portray Rogue, but I figure this is what she would be like if some events in the comic hadn’t happened like we see here. It moves kind of rocky but fluently enough. The school is done great and large, and the scenes are grant enough, without being to big. The action is smashing and angles are awesome, especially in some of the special effect fights. The characters are enjoyable, again except Rogue for most. And the actors seem to know who they are and how they portray their characters.

 The explenation of some things is cut short, but it works for the movie, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed wathing the movie and most likely will watch it again. If you’re looking for a movie about super heroes with a moving plot, badass characters and fast paced action, look no further, X-men is the one for you.

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