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Wolverine Origins Review

Past days I have been keeping myself busy playing Wolverine Origins. The first thing to stick out about the game?? The story line.


But I am getting head of myself here, let’s see what it is about first. Well you start out in the future where people are hunting down Wolverine in a cut scene. He finishes them off and you see there are actually sentinels. So some stuff in there which you did not see in the movie, with the same name. You skip to the past after being explained it wasn’t always like this, to vietnam. Where Wolverine is part of the team of Stryker. This you did see in the movie, after the helicopter crashes you have to make your way back through the jungle.

Through cutscenes you see it’s set partly during the movie, partly not, and somewhat in between in an alternate universe. In the game Wolverine gets knocked out when he wants to leave the team… in the movie he just walked away. And so there are many spin offs like this which you didn’t see in the movie, but it relates to the movie. Which I personally liked. But it does give the feel the game tried to show what the movie should have been.

The graphics are astonishing, you see Wolverine walk around and gain damage, and even if his flesh heals, his clothes don’t. The model they used for the game for Wolverine… Hugh Jackman! How awesome was that?!!! I mean the whole cast is being modeled by the people who played them, and the voices are the same, giving you the feel you are IN the movie. Flashbacks and events happening give for awesome cutscenes which are worked out very well and shown in great detail. On my HD tv it was a treat for my eyes!

The gameplay is more of a hack and slash action adventure. You solve puzzles, level up and kill your enemies with your claws. It makes for a sometimes repetive combination. In that case it’s the story what you are going for, and the small things you can unlock. Over time you can find outfits, comics and what not to upgrade or change the look of Wolverine. Through the upgrades you get better moves throughout the game, which ends in an awesome climax that you just HAVE to see for yourself.

All I can say is, if you get the intro movie and treated on a shot of this:


Holy crap…. All I could think was: I have to play this, and the result. You should, even if it gets repetive, the storyline is well worth it!

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