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Witcher Netflix – News

So wonderful news came to me today on the form of Facebook. First thing I did was look into it further before I hopped aboard this hype train. But multiple sources actually stated the same thing.

The Witcher is in fact getting its own Netflix series.

The series is supposed to be based on the book series released by Andrzej Sapkowski. These books also inspired the video games, the most recent one Witcher 3 was a huge success.

Tomas Baginski, the guy who made the cinematic in the Witcher games is on board for the project. He will make at least one episode in every season they bring out.Also Andrzej Sapkowski himself will be involved as consultant to ensure Netflix stays true to the books he worked on for so long.

Earlier years in 2001 a Polish company actually already made a long movie/mini series of the adventures of Geralt, this one was named the Hexer. Here Geralt was played by Michal Zebrowski. The show followed Geralt’s adventures of the first book. For the time it was amusing and they did a pretty good job with a limited budget. Having Netflix now behind it however, I hope to see more of Geralt in his full glory.

Which story line they are going to follow in this show from the books is still unclear, as well as who is going to play Geralt. (My vote is for the Cosplayer Maul!) Whatever will happen, I am hopping aboard this hype train so fast. Let’s hope this one is going to be a massive hit. All in all I sure will watch this show, another one to add to my Netflix to watch list.



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