Lassy Fenn | Why is the LoL formula so popular??

Why is the LoL formula so popular??

So not too long ago I got introduced through a friend to League of Legends. For me it was a new concept at the time, strategy combined with RPG elements, level up your character but work together. It can be quite frustrating if team members don’t tag along with the main plan, or when some are ‘ feeding’┬á the enemy.

But why is it so popular, most of the time you hear people yell at one another, and claim they are noobs. It gets frustrating after a while. Why on earth did it grow to be so popular??? The answer is I think fairly simple. People are competitive by nature, they want to be better than others. So yes they will try and be better. In League of Legends, you battle with teammates against a common enemy. But even among your team you can be the best. So you get the competitive nature even within a team. So even if the levels are repetitive and you get frustrated, it will draw you back in.

Another factor is the outcome of game is never set. You can always win, you can always lose. It’s what makes people come back, improving their own summoner, improving their characters. This way making your chance at success bigger every time you play and even level up. You can collect, you can just level up and become the best, even if now with all the hype, I am more of a casual gamer, rather than trying to win everything I enter.

All in all I think the competitive nature in all of us, is what made this game so popular.

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