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Top 5 Most underrated Games I used to Play

For this post I wanted to keep it a bit personal. So I have been digging to my games and found some games I used to play a lot, and loved. But in my opinion didn’t get the attention they deserved. I am not fully sure if they did, but some I never heard about, or I just wasn’t paying that much attention at the time. Of course media then was different than now, I will keep that in mind while I write this.

Let’s dive right in. Number 5

5. Wolverine’s RevengeMovie All Is Lost (2013)

Yes you all know it, I know it. I am a massive Wolvie fan. And seeing a game come out just for him… I was there. Now the story itself has a lot of holes in it. Wolverine is infected with a virus…. wait what? Couldn’t he heal from like everything? But ok going along with it. He has to find a cure or he will die…. and of course you get help from Xavier and Beast…. where are the other X-men?? Why didn’t they help out? Wait… huh? Yeah, like I said a lot of holes. But you get to meet some awesome characters. Sabretooth tries to stop you, you run into Magneto and in the end even get some help from Spider-Man in New York. So storywise… well could have been a bit better. What about gameplay? It was ok enough I guess. I know I had some trouble along the way and sometimes had to put the game aside for days on end cause of rage quits. But

I enjoyed the story and the voice of Wolverine too much to not finish the game. So yeah. It’s wasn’t ground breaking, the visual was ok…ish for the time. The character levels up pretty basic, you beat enough enemies and you get experience. You can unlock combo’s and new suits. It’s what we see now in a lot of games. But it was what it said, a movie came out, X-men 2 and it needed a game. So they picked the most ideal character to base it on. Which with his past, is Wolverine. It’s not bad, just not very memorable for hardcore gamers. For me… it was fun, I enjoyed it and recently played it again and still do. Besides doing a great Joker. Mark also does an awesome Wolverine voice that get’s me into a SNIKT mood every time.


4. Crusader no Remorse

Again like I said, I wasn’t very open to media about games at the time. So I don’t know how well this game was announced. What I do know was I loved it. It’s a 3rd person puzzle shooter mix. You are a silencer, set in a time where economic super powers are on the rise. The most powerful combined into the WEC. Of course they are tyrants and a rebellion soon tried to put a stop to their ways. Enter the Silencers, they make sure order is restored. But being betrayed and made to look like traitors a team of 3 is ambushed. 2 die and you are the only survivor. What follows is a path to revenge, where you walk left right, up down, roll sideways, shoot and solve puzzles.You can upgrade your arsenal through credits, medic bays and what
not. The action is much like Red Alert and it reminded me of it in a lot of ways. The story, the way the cut scenes are done with actual live action… Only you zoom in on one character and move around as that one. It’s a sad game, most of your NPC’s are killed. But in the end the victor is the one silencer, you. So it’s all good I suppose. Being from the time DOS was still hot, this game shows just how little we used to need of good graphics and how much a story could do. Levels build up to be harder every time, and enemies that you grew to hate. Character development was a key part here, and I know I loved playing both No remorse and No Regrets. Yes the game got a part two. Again. I don’t know how much it made it into media, I just feel it didn’t get the credit it deserves. The game is still fun and from time to time I will play it again. Just for old times sake.

3. Dragon Age Origins

Now I could say the whole series here but part 3 was really all over the place. Part 1 not so much. I think this was mainly due to the fact not many people knew what to do with it. The story is kind of… well grand for those who never heard of it before. The books it was based off can be found online and in some book stores you can ask them to order them for you. So it’s not weird it’s so big. It evolves around a world different from ours set in a fantasy land, you have your elves, dwarves and humans. There are Templars who defend the holy order of the world. And of course a dark force which threatens the whole earth and it’s best soldiers. The Grey Wardens. Ding you are one of them, not long at it… Maybe a day and the
whole army of Grey Wardens is slaughtered in a battle with dark forces. The general who was supposed to back them up had retreated and now tries to make a claim to the throne. Pretty big a story… yep and that’s the first hour of the game. It’s your basic RPG by gameplay and you get to make your own character. Races you can pick from are the elves, humans and dwarves. Classes… we know them, they are standard. Fighter, Rogue, Mage. You have a whole world to explore and a whole story to play through. Yet when I looked, it has  a whole following, but just as much people who hate it. Why that is I don’t fully know. But playing the games and now seeing part 3 I do hope more people will warm up to it. The characters are fun and memorable and you have some very funny dialog going on as well as pretty cut scenes. New animation makes it easy on the eyes and the game play. Well it’s easy but it’s more a game for the story in my opinion anyway. If you have time and look for a cool RPG, pick up a copy and enjoy. I am sure you won’t regret it.

2. Monkey Island Series

This one is where my roots in gaming lie. Along with Crusader and Commander Keen this is the game I grew up with. Funny, witty and dark. That’s what this. You play the wanna be pirate Guybrush, he fell in love with the governors daughter Elaine. But the evil pirate Lechuck kidnaps her and it’s up to you to puzzle and talk your way to her. In the first 2 games the
graphics are almost none existent. You have the old writing game here where you click and go about your way. In the third part you get more graphic with 2d animation. It looked like a cartoon and acted like it. Joking around the characters are memorable, funny and witty. Mainly I remember part 3 trying to assemble the crew. Some Scottish cook and this weird barber. Seeing in the steam sales it came by I couldn’t help but check it out again and yep. I remembered why I loved it. It’s just damn funny. Some puzzles are easy enough. But that chicken always cracked me up… El Diablo. Part 4 got some attention but I think the 3rd and first parts are the best. If you have time pick it up and try them out. It’s well worth it.

1. X-men Legends

Now I have already picked a Marvel title I know… but last week I hooked up the gamecube controller and dug around in my games, finding X-men Legends. The Final Fantasy way seems to work best… Avengers Ultimate Alliance prooved it, and this game did it, before that. You take conrol of a party of 4 and fight your way through several locations.The game follows Allison a young mutant nicknamed Magma, who has the power to summon volcanic activity. While she is taught to control her powers at the mansion, Magneto is brooding on his end with a diabolic plan to plunge the world in darkness. A result you are send on some missions to save the day. What made me love this game so much is the idea you got to explore the X-mansion and several other memorable locations. You get to meet the X-men and talk to them in dialog. It even depended who you used to talk with, on which outcome you got. The game play was pretty easy and simple which made it more enjoyable. You control a team of 4 and have them attack or retreat. Each mutant has it’s own abilities, and like in Final Fantasy you just upgrade them as you go along. The graphics aren’t anything special or even new. But you knew who was who and it looked neat. The cut scenes showed the characters in who and how they are which made it even more enjoyable for the fans. I played this game for hours. Honestly when I heard the new X-men game was coming out X-men Destiny, this game was what I had in mind. The interaction, the exploring and the character development. It was all great. I saw it ranked really high but still many seem to have forgotten this title with all the new games coming out on next gen.

Conclusion… There are still so many old games we can enjoy and even re play that hold up. Sometimes even better than some of the newer games. No internet needed, just insert and play. I hope you enjoyed my top 5.

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