Lassy Fenn | Syberia 3 – Review

Syberia 3 – Review

So when I first heard this title was going to come out. I was very excited. I remembered when the first two came out on the PC and I played them both. So… 3 is not the first one?? 

No it’s not

much like Fallout 3, Syberia had 2 coming out before them. So to some the step into the world of Kate Walker might be a bit of a weird one. It might be hard to understand and connect to the main character and what her connection is to a world where Youkols exist.

What got me off guard was the sudden change the Automatons have in this part compared to the other parts. But a bit of history seems in order before we dive into part 3.

Syberia is a graphic adventure developed by Mircroïds. It follows Kate Walker as she attempts to wrap up a sale on behalf of her law firm. To do so travels across Europe and Russia. Syberia was 3rd person mouse driven mainly point and click game.  You try and get your hold on a toy factory. But in the first 30 minutes you find out that it wasn’t as straight forward. An heir to the factory seems to still be alive. And it is up to Kate to find them, so they will sign over the factory. An adventure throughout Russia and beyond starts.

Syberia 2 continues on the world where Youkols exists and automatons aid people. Though no one really knows what it is they do. Some open doors, some ring bells. In both games you tend to have to fix them. To do what you wish them to do. 

Now onto part 3. It follows in the footsteps and the same graphic designer as the first 2 parts. Making it one big sentimental flashback to the first two parts. 

You go deeper into the mythical land of Syberia and form an alliance this time with the Youkols. The gameplay is easy and straight forward as it gets. You get the feel of the point and click even on console. The puzzles sometimes aren’t as straight forward. And as hours pass, you find yourself now and again wonder: Why am I even doing this? Which is kind of distracting.

One of my saddest realizations. And I have replayed part 1 and 2 to see what it was like then through somewhat older eyes. Is how much the protagonist lacks depth. Kate Walker isn’t that interesting a character. She is the same lawyer you see in every movie and the same adventurer we have seen so often. The characters around her are so colorful. But she herself seems to lack… it. Making immersion a bit lame.

Another sad point is how predictable the game is. After a bit you know what to do where to go. And it kind of leaves no surprises.  That and the fact the lip Sync of the game is often off, this game is more based on nostalgia and has to get it’s fame from there, rather than a stand alone gem.

So yeah. As usual it carried a bigger message, but it hides behind bad lip sync. Bad camera angles and sounds that just vanish into thin air. It’s a shame really. As the game could have been so much more in such a huge and imaginative world as Syberia.

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