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Steam Controller + Steam Link

So I have been working with Steam Link and the Controller.

First of all:

Steam link!

What would you do. If you were in your living room lounging on the couch and so comfortable. But you kind of also want to play a pc game? Well look no further. Here is Steam link! The little box you get is no heavier than your normal HDMI switch box. You place it beside your tv and hook it up using an HDMI cable. It is that simple. You then turn it on, and sign into the wifi network of your home. Once that’s done you make sure it’s linked to your steam account and you’re good to go. It is kept so simple throughout the use, you enter big screen mode and from there you get the list you can stream onto your tv. I have to note that the quality of your visuals however depend on your home network, if it’s slow, you won’t be able to play games on the highest settings.

Also you’re simply seeing a mirrored version of your pc, so you have to keep it turned on while using the link. It doesn’t come without it’s bugs, but so far I really enjoyed playing around with it, it’s simple in use and it adds that small bit of elegance of pc gaming into your very living room.




The Controller

Using the steam link you can attach an Xbox controller, Logitech or the very own Steam Controller. I have played around with it for a while and first of all i found it felt very light and with it kind of cheap. It’s mostly plastic, and that’s something to be getting used too after using the PS3 controller and the PS4 controller. The second was the two track pads that work like a mouse. You can move the cursor around. Not just that but the right pad replaces the right thumb stick, which in shooters and racers take a lot of getting used too. Though on those two platforms they do work best. While playing DOTA you make it yourself a lot more difficult than just using your keyboard.

The controller is a lot to get used too in all. But you can totally tweak it to your desires. Set the actions to the buttons and the sensitivity. Keeping in tune with the adaptability of PC Master Race.






I enjoyed both, it’s a lot getting used too and some small bugs here and there. But together they work, and they do what they advertise to do. I just wish the controller would have been less plastic and a bit more… well none plastic, I feel it might break any time. The link works awesome and I do use it a lot when I am not behind the computer.


As for the review, that’s it for now and hope to see you all soon!


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