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Sims 4

The sims 4 was released in September 2014, making the game nearly 4 years old! But with the sims 4 Seasons now having been released in June 2018 I figured it’s time to dive into the Sims and give my view and opinions on it.

the Sims through the ages

Now the sims like most with sequel numbers behind it actually has predecessors. In this case, Sims 1, 2 and 3. And a whole load of expansions packs to make the sims games more fun, or be able to do more with it. But we will get to that later.In February 2000 Maxis created a virtual doll house game. It would be published by EA, Electronic Arts.

At first Maxis didn’t see much of a future in it. But EA had seen what Sim City did for them. And gave it a chance. In September 2004 Sims 2 would hit the market and many people abandoned the first series for a new more interactive series. In this part more things could happen, sims actually aged, and time actually went by. In June 2009 the most loved one of the series was released. Sims 3, it featured a stunning 11 expansion packs.

It had an open seamless neighborhood, and step wise goals were presented for the first time.

Now onto 2014. The sims 4 hit the shelves. What do we. And with we I mean I think of it.The first thing that got me was the character creation. It’s as simple or as complex as you want it. You have loads of presets you can chose like  nose and eyes as well as body figure. But by clicking on the cheeks and dragging. You can in that way customize every part of your sim. You have a pretty wide selection of clothes, which you can use to dress your sim.Now this also applies to your houses and your furniture. You can build from scratch, or you can just grab a pre-made one from the catalog. Fully decorated or empty. Giving the player a very big sense of freedom on how to decorate the life of their sim.

Once you start the game you have to figure out what you wish for a goal in your sim life. Based on that you get a life goal or smaller achievements you can accomplish to make your sim happier. Making it in essence like you’re controlling a tiny person. Which is what the Sims is all about.

Now I created my character, Noa. Who is into crime and mischief. Some of her goals for instance were to be mean to 10 sims and arch enemies with one. Once I got this done, I could get rewards from points I was awarded. This can be a potion for instant happiness or insta-sleep or something. Or a character quirk. Like night owls who need less sleep.Once you got this down it’s time for the fun. The Sims 4 kept all the normal cheats and it build onto the success of the previous ones.

The graphics are fun and brushed up from the earlier parts, I have the feeling it’s a bit bigger, more zoomed in. The animations are the same quirky ways, and they kept the lovely language we know from the sims 1. Which will make you feel familiar in no time.

What I like about it is the sense of achieving and the easy to use interface. Like I said before you can make it as difficult or as easy as you want. With now 5 expansion packs, 6 game packs and 14 stuff packs Sims 4 doesn’t look like it will be stopping any time soon. I will get into more detail about the expansion packs another time.

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