Lassy Fenn | Come back of old games in HD

Come back of old games in HD

Lately I have been noticing a large come back of old games being published in HD, I am not sure which one kind of started the whole idea of doing this but it sure is fun to see some old titles make a come back, and see a new generation be all extatic about it. Of course you get the whole hipster movement going nuts about it: I played this before it was cool, but still it’s good fun to see and play. Personally I am very fond of Kingdom Hearts and I loved the idea they gave it a come back, which is working really well. A lot of kids now a days enjoy the game and play it.


I am under the belief that it’s because some of these games are remastered and yet have the great storyline and game play we used to love and kind of grew up with. The grahics sure weren’t why we played games like Worms or even the first Doom or even Red Alert. heck also Crusader was something I played mainly cause the story was epic, not because of the graphics. So to see them now in great graphics and their story line being epic, well you get sheer epicness,

Personally I would like to see a game like Crusader or Jazz Jackrabbit make a comeback in HD, yeah I know Jackrabbit was a bit weird and such. But a rabbit shooting stuff, how cool of a platform game was that?? A sure guilty pleasure of mine I would play in a heartbeat if brought on HD

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