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Sequels…. Whyyy??

OK so lately I have been watching a lot of critics on youtube and overall remarks online, and all of them say the same thing. Why on earth would you make sequels? Why would someone risk ruining a good movie by popping a part two out there. I found the reason mainly money. As we all already know. But I also found out some sequels make sense and are actually quite good. So I made a small list of my top 5 personal favorite part twos of movies.

Number 5.

The Terminator part 2

I know by now the franchise overdid it, with even part 5 but for me Judgement day, well it was awesome. It explained things, the actors where awesome. Even the reason why the identical cyborg doesn’t remember Sarah is awesome. He is part of a whole series of cyborgs like him. And he learns. You grow to feel for this robot. I know I did. So what is it really about?

Sum up, after part 1 where Sarah Connor prevented the same looking cyborg to kill her, and preventing her son from being born… Why? Well her son will lead this huge rebellion in the future against machines who grew their own will after a program called Skynet evolved. She got locked up in an asylum. And her son placed in a foster family. She wants to escape to protect her son. Her son however has grown up by now, and became a well. Jackass. Sorry to say but he looks to me like a spoiled little brat. He gets his first run in with Arnold in all his glory, who this time came back in time to save Sarah and her son. Yep great shocker. It is only now Sarah’s son, John finds out his mom wasn’t crazy, she was right the whole time. So they decide to bust her out. Imagine the shock of your life seeing the same guy who wanted to kill you show up again with a big ass shotgun. Yep… She pictured it perfectly…

After this she and some others she apparently lived with before along with her son decide to go and kill the one who has created the program Skynet so the future cannot happen. Of course the machines had sent someone back in time to the ever epic and awesome T1000 more advanced and faster than Arnold. The two duke it out in the end.

Why do we like this movie so much? Well… it builds on. It doesn’t try to reinvent itself, it just goes on where the last left of. It’s logic, we know the characters, and through some very well and clever scenes we grow to like the main characters more and more. Even the spoiled kid. When he explained how his mother was claimed to be insane and placed in a foster home, you feel for him. Same as when the cyborg starts to learn. It’s a good movie, if you haven’t watched it yet shame on you, go onto netflix and look it up. It’ll be worth it, promise.

Number 4

Star Wars 5 Empire strikes Back

I am not gonna go in discussion with all of you. But yes this was from the way it came out in years, the sequel. Star Wars 5. Epic tale with an epic part two. The way this was filmed even at that early in special effects was just awesome. And the scenes, combined with lighting and music made it damn perfect. I am not even gonna do a rundown here. If you don’t know this one even more shame on you GO RENT IT!!! This movie sparked more and more fans for the series that by now everyone knows. Heck even my 2 year old knows this series, if not by the movies from the series or action figures in the store she’s seen.

But what made this one so good? Well… Everything. We know the characters, we met them in part 1 and it builds on that. We meet some new ones, and we love them the same way we did the others. Following Han, Luke and Leia sure was fun again, especially with Luke growing the way he does. His fighting improves and you see him grow. Who doesn’t love that, not just growing, but battles. Yes battles, there is some epic battles in this one that lead the way to an even better part 3 and will for then climax of the series. I watched this one when I was very young and didn’t get much of what was going on. I just loved the lights and the way he could move things with powers. That was cool! And well Darth Vader scared the crap out of me, with his heavy breathing. We didn’t fully know what happened there yet!

oh right also that scene. We find out who Darth Vader is. Holy crap! That warped everyone’s mind for sure. It had some great plot twists and a very heroic moment from Han.

Picking up a gun vs Darth Vader, you have guts Han… you have guts… We loved them, and do still. My personal number 4.

Number 3

Lord of the Rings –  Two towers

OK I could not make this list without this one on there.

Building on part one these movies had something special… namely they where all filmed as one big movie. And it shows. You see that it all happens shortly after one another. It’s one big journey chopped into 3. It’s what made this so great. I don’t really see it as a sequel tho as much as a mid point of a huge movie sold on a separate disk. Should I make a rundown on this one? Nope, I don’t think so either, we know the drill. Frodo has to bring the ring to mount doom, helped by a group of unlikely allies. We see more of the heroes we love. I specially love the growing bromance of Legolas and Gimli. We see battles, action scenes. Some drama and even more action. It’s all the goodness of Lord of the rings as we know it.

Main part plays in Isengard… Every time I hear that now I have to think of that youtube video… but it’s well worth your time. It almost didn’t make the list… Why not, stated above. I don’t see them as much as separate parts, as much as one huge movie split over 3 disks cause they where too long. My personal 3.

Number 2

Batman: Dark Knight

After a start in Batman begins to kick off the new series of Batman, we got news this movie came out. Dark Knight. A part two. With again Christian Bale as Batman. And more news spread over time. A joker movie. But the last one with a joker was… Jack Nicholson… Who would be able to top that? Jack did the Joker as he was in the comics, crazy, weird and funny. He saw the joy in all bad things and well. It was my first Joker I saw on the big screen.

He has the maniac look down, the laugh. You name it. So who, who would follow him up…. Wait… no… no a joke right?

I am gonna be real honest and say this. When I first saw the news I was shocked. HOW could they give a role like this to a guy who did Brokeback Mountain? I almost didn’t want to see it. But friends took me along and I sat down. The movie like the others mention above builds on the last one. We know who Batman is. We know who Gordon is. But now we get a new bad guy. Then he shows up, for the first time. That laugh made me roll my eyes and I wondered if I had to sit and listen to…. SLAM pencil in his… wait… what??!!! I was shocked.

That guy blew me away from that moment on. He had the joker NAILED! The rest of the movie I was on the edge of my seat. The action was awesome, the characters felt so real. I felt like I was in that movie, it was just so epic. So yes I was a massive sceptic when I heard but after giving it a shot, I LOVED it. Heath is my favorite Joker ever. Nicholson was great for the 90’s part. When movie just started and we weren’t used to too much on tv. Now evolved I cannot think of a better way than what Heath did to enter the Joker in our lives. He made the Dark Knight. In his memory

I salute you Heath, no one will top you as far as I can imagine. You wrote history. My personal number 2. Actually a tide for my number one.

Number 1

X-men 2: X-men United

When I heard this one was gonna come out I went mad. I HAD to see this gem. As stated above it’s on a tide with Dark Knight, but some parts of it make it my number one.

I love the performances of Patrick and Ian in here. Seeing those two giants play off one another is always epic. And add some new talent in there you have a good movie. What is it about?

After seeing in part one how Magneto wanted to transform heads of the state into mutants, which would have gone horribly wrong, we see a mutant invade the white house. The result, with the president nearly killed he signs the agreement for Brian Cox, who plays William Stryker to invade Xavier’s school and detain mutants. It doesn’t go as expected and we have some massive sgi action scenes and some power display of different mutants. Of course also the iconic berserker side of Wolverine who just returned shows up.

We see the staff had been scattered as Jean and Storm are off to find the mutant who attacked the president and we see Xavier visiting Magneto with Cyclops. Xavier and Cyclops are captured and Jean and Storm run into a small problem with the mutant in Boston.

After the school is invaded the X-men have nowhere to go and head over to one of the students homes. It’s just soo funny seeing Wolverine try and interact into a normal world and with technology. We are treated on more power display when Pyro uses his powers and later on Storm to save the X-jet. They are however saved by Magneto. We also see small glimpses in Jean the fans got major excited about.

They team up with Magneto and bring Stryker to a halt. Saving the students he captured as well as the professor and Cyclops. Magneto first tries to make Xavier kill all humans on earth. But the X-men put a stop to it. In the end we see one of the characters die and the movie ends with a huge opening to part 3.

So what made it my number one? The many winks to the fans. The show of powers and the more action scenes of the movie. We see them use their powers in battle. Even more so than in part one. And even if you think they are on the same team. In the end you see Magneto has not changed at all. He still betrays Xavier and uses him for his own ideals. We also get that glimpse into the past Wolverine, the reason people name it the Wolverine series.

Why is it my number 1? Well I used to watch it over and over and over. I loved it. It had more depth than part one, more action and you got to see some true sides of some of the characters. Not just that but you get that wonderful open ending that made your wonder and kept you wondering.

So yeah those are my top 5. I enjoyed these and am sure I will for many more times. Which sequels did you enjoy most? and Why?

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