Lassy Fenn | Planet Coaster – Review

Planet Coaster – Review

As soon as you enter the world of Planet Coaster you will be greeted by the Frontier Developments Mascotte, he runs around hyperactive and hysterical. It perfectly shows what awaits you in the hectic world of theme parks that you will get to run. You can build almost everything and anything, as long as you can set your mind to it, or imagine it. You can even build your own Hogwards if you desire to do so. While you do this your park will fill up with visitors, every one of them their own interests, thoughts, preferences and expectations.

What caught my attentions right away was how huge everything is. You can adept and change everything about rides, restaurants and paths. It’s almost absurd how much you can do. Making coasters in this game is so easy as one, two, three. Thanks to the new system you can change and adapt every bit of the track, by twisting and turning you can make the perfect loop. Once that is done, you press simple: Auto Complete. No annoying ends that don’t meet. The game does this for you.

Even with all this new interface and ways of the game, Planet Coaster isn’t the most innovated system out there. New players can easily get overwhelmed by the many options you get. But you do get help in this matter. You are not rushed and in the beginning things go slow. That way you can easily navigate through the many options the game does offer. It teaches you to navigate the parks and build your park.

While on economics grounds the simulator could have been much much more, Planet Coaster stays an amazing sandbox themed park simulator. It does know it’s strengths and perfectly utilizes them. With everything I have build so far, not once have I had the idea: I can’t do this… You’re creativity can be unleashed as much as in Minecraft and Second Life. Now you can share your content as well, through the steam workshop. If I would be a theme park simulator, needing to launch after this, I would be anxious and worried.

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