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Pacific Rim – Review

Ok so this movie review is not gonna be as long as I did in X-men. Since a lot of people found it to be to much to read.

Pacific Rim is your basic Kaiju movie, a monster threatens the world and we try and stop them. The beginning you get very well set out what is going on. You get introduced, the main characters roll by. And you immediately know the most important parts of story telling: Who, What, Why and where?

You have different level monsters of the same race, but stronger every time one passes through a gate in the pacific ocean. The idea of a monster coming out of the ocean took me back to Godzilla, but the fighters, quickly changed that. These so called Jaegers are controlled by two people. They share memory and brain function for a bit to each control one side of the large robot.

The story goes in dept where you manage to get a glimpse of the characters and their personal experiences. The beautiful part is, that it’s just enough to satisfy the viewers. You don’t go in dept, not too deep. But the questions you ask are answered, and in such a way you walk out of the cinema with a content feeling. This goes for the whole movie. The ending is expected, you know what you’re going to see and as much as you expect it, it happens. But it satisfies the viewer enough to walk away with a good feeling about it.

Action is quick and at times I found it hard to follow. The shots are taken very close up, which makes it so hard to follow. But the wide angle shots you do get show the kaiju and the jeagers for a bit in all their glory. Which for that part does show an effort.

It’s not a movie that I would see time and time again, but I would view it once a year when it runs by. It’s a good flick and definitely worth your time when you are looking for a good kaiju monster movie. I know I enjoyed it, and walked away satisfied, and wondering about the comic this movie came from.

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