Lassy Fenn | New steps forward

New steps forward

Hey all,

as some of you might know I have recently moved. Yes it finally happened.

On the 30th of December I got the key to my own place. A house with three bedrooms for me and my two little girls. Right away we set to work to change it into my own place. We had to paint all the walls from lilac and yellow to white. The living room and the kitchen needed a new floor… It looked run down mainly.

The Kitchen

View from the kitchen

The living room

The back hallway.

Setting to work, together with family I managed to move in March 4th. Making the home into my own little palace. Since me and the girls have been getting used to the new way of life for the three of us. In our new little palace.

Now I am attempting to get back into vlogging, streaming and blogging as you all are used to from me. Along with caring full time for my two girls and keeping my grades up in school. A bit much, sometimes yes. But it’s all so worth it. So keep an eye out for new content from me!


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