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NeverWinter Online


Those of you who follow me around know that I have a passion for the game called Neverwinter Online. Brought to you by Arc Games. Now I am very sad to find out so many of you don’t know the game. They know the regular pc versions. But never heard of the online MMO.

Neverwinter is a D&D Free MMORPG game. Brought to us by Crypt studios in 2013. So it’s not as old as the likes of WOW or Guild wars. It was supposed to be a cross media event, released along with a series of 4 books by R.A Salvatore. And a tabletop game from Wizards of the Coast. Neverwinter however is a stand alone game, and has nothing to do with the Neverwinter Nights games that many of you will know.

The game itself



You can pick of 10 races to play which are free. If you want any of the other 3 special races you will have to pay for them. But I will get to that later. Once you piced your race varying from Thieflings to Elves and dwarves you have to pick your class. Neverwinter Online brings you 7 classes. And they expand every so often with even more. Once you picked your race and class you will start the game much like every MMO. You will be thrown into a story. You will encounter dragons, werewolves even the Drow. Fighting them all you can unlock titles and level up.

To play the game you can chose to follow your quests, or simply go into the dungeons and participate in dungeon delving. Personally I always enjoy the PVP’s arena’s and the Skirmishes. Here you can win many extras to strengthen your character. Without having to pay anything.

The game has an invocation system which is kind of like your daily log in bonus. You get many extras if you ‘pray’ to the god you chose at the beginning of the game. Many times they will be runes which you can lock to your weapons of armor to enchant them. Another option of Neverwinter.

All this for free?

For sure yeah. You get so much for free even for those who have no money to spend on games will find this game entertaining for a very long time. You don’t have a level roof. You can keep up with those who did pay. So what are the differences then?

Well paid members get ahead in ques, or when the servers are busy. They get faster help and the mounts are generally a bit quicker. You also get custom titles that you can’t get in the game for free. You can buy boosters. But they won’t help you too much to keep it fair for the others. Most people use it for the lockboxes they find in the game. Open them and the chance for treasure is great and kind of satisfies that need for gambling.


I love it, and with me many many players. These days Neverwinter Online also came to Xbox One. So you can download it there for free and it will soon air on PS4. What’s not to love?!!

So join us if you like, for now, I am headed there for another leveling session.

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