Lassy Fenn | Netflix the Witcher gets lead!

Netflix the Witcher gets lead!

Since yesterday it has been made known at Henry Cavil, most known for his part as Superman will be playing Geralt of Rivia, the most famous of Witchers.

The reason I waited a bit to respond to this is simple. I do not know. Honestly I can see Henry do this. He is a good actor and has a feel for the series, and the source material. On top of that I always keep my own biggest shock in mind. Namely Heath Ledger. I always thought he would fail as the Joker. However, he turned out to be the best one out there.

This could very well be the best choice. I really at this point can’t tell and so will leave my verdict as having no actual opinion out there. Other than being hopeful that Cavil, will be the Heath Ledger of the Witcher series!

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