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Monkey Island Series – Retro

Monkey Island is widely known as an adventure series. It was produced and published by LucasArts. The first installment of the game would see the light of day in 1990.

It did a bunch of things different. One of the things was the fact you really had to make an effort to have the main character die. Most games of that era had a very high death rate and a more trial and error learning system. It also differed in the wit it showed. Some of it, if you were to put it in games now a day, people would be massively offended by. It did so great the game got up to 5 installments in which each one showed the progress of how gaming and graphics mainly developed at the time.

Monkey Island 2 came out in 199. Which was fairly quick after the first installment. After that we wouldn’t see much of the game until 1997, when part 3 came out. Which is a personal favorite of mine. However after the 4th game came out, nothing much has been seen since. Though some rumors have surfaced. Rumors telltale wishes to create a new installment of the series. In 2009 the so far final installment was brought out, by Telltale Games. A series we now know from Batman, and Walking Dead.

But what exactly IS Monkey Island? Monkey Island follows the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood. A wanna be pirate and his love interest, Elaine Marley. The daughter of the Governor . The main villain is the pirate LeChuck. These characters you will run into in every game no matter which one you will pick up. But each installment brings its own cast of great characters with it. The games is widely known for the wit of these characters and the dry humor. I myself sometimes blame my sarcasm to come from these games. The setting is on some fictional islands in the Caribbean when piracy is at it’s all time high. The three most common islands you will visit are: Melee Island, Booty Island and Plunder Island. It should take place around the 17th and 18th century, but the game makes a lot of references to at that time modern pop culture.

Now what attracts people to these games. I think the humor. People loved it, the wit of it, and how the games poke fun at themselves. On top of that the main character is Guybrush is known for breaking that fourth wall in hilarious ways. That and the fact you simply have to do SO much to screw up and die in the game, makes it for a casual experience, really causing you to be able to sit down and enjoy the game, rather than rage quit due to dying on the same spot again!

A future for Monkey Island? I don’t see it happen any time soon… LucasArts was bought by Disney, meaning the rights are now in the hands of the mighty mouse. Disney would rather invest in Pirates of the Caribbean however than in Monkey Island. Which makes me sceptic if a new part of the series will ever see the light of day. For now we however still have the games we love in the Steam store, to be able to revisit those childhood memories, and humor that will make you laugh out loud.

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