Lassy Fenn | Kingdom Hearts hate??

Kingdom Hearts hate??

Soon very soon now Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released. I have seen many people cheer about it. But just as many who don’t feel much for the games…

I went and played Kingdom Hearts again the past months. Why… because I could… and I wanted it. Kingdom Hearts is an HD re release on the ps3 that made me so very happy. I own 1 on PS3 and a couple of Gameboy games of it on my NDS and Advance. In part 3 we have een told, we once more follow Sora in his adventures.

But then I found out something. It seems the love or… non love for the game, also surrounds this character. People either love it, or don’t care for it. Some even hate it. But should they focus so much on one character?

Well it is the main character of the game, so I guess you don’t have much of a choice. But there is more to the series. What is it about really?

Mickey is said to be the king of Disney worlds. And one day he vanishes. The same time Sora finds his hometown and world vanishing into darkness. The darkness that they state is in everyone’s heart. Throughout adventures you meet many Disney Characters, Final Fantasy characters and originals like Sora….

The message of the game in essence is not about the Disney worlds… not even about Sora. It’s about the darkness in each persons heart. And how it can destroy you, or others if you let it. Even for love like in game 1.

So should you check it out? Yeah definitely. It’s a good game and good fun. The battle system works. It’s laid back. But the message will blow you away. The humor makes you laugh now and then and the sad moments are Disney worthy.

A great game and I can’t wait until part 3 hits the market

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