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Inside Out -Review

First of all due to some deeper explanation of what this movie did to me I have to refer to happenings in the movie, so consider this your:

Ok I have to admit, I was pretty late when it came to the hype of Inside out. I had seen small bits and didn’t fully get it. But not too long ago I sat down and turned it on.

At first I found it very entertaining, the characters are fun and represent the emotions very well. Joy is a very fun and easy going character, at times I found her a bit selfish but it was all to bring the main character Riley a happy day. Digust was so much fun, she cracked me up the most with her remarks and sarcastic attitude. She makes sure Riley keep safe, socially and physically and doesn’t get poisoned. Fear is well, fear, always scared, more of an irrational character you won’t find. Then there is Anger, not much explanation needed here either. A true hothead who will burst into flame when Riley isn’t treated fair. And Sadness. The others are not sure of her, and Joy doesn’t really want her around, she often makes Riley cry and sad. Which is something Joy tries to prevent.


The events unfold when Riley moves, from Minnesota to California. She doesn’t know how to respond to it, and things get worse when the house looks like a dump and her stuff, along with the moving truck aren’t going to show up until later in the week. In school she is kind of an outcast and doesn’t make friends. Inside her head, Joy and Sadness get into an argument over a core memory, one that is blue, and filled with sadness. Both Joy and Sadness end up being sucked out of the command center, leaving only Disgust, Anger and Fear.

As I watched the movie from this point you see Riley’s descend. She withdraws more and the three emotions left in command take over, she isn’t talking to her parents anymore and is about to run away. Joy sees this in her mind, at the depictions of what Riley values and loves… Family, Friendship, Honestly and Hockey, all got islands in her head, powered by the core memories. They break down, and crumble. As Riley takes the decision to run away the control panel the emotions use to control Riley turns black. They cannot make her feel anything anymore. Of course Joy and Sadness return just in time, and it isn’t Joy but Sadness who makes her go back to her parents. She cries in the arms of her parents and finally speaks up about how she misses home and her friends. After that she joins a new Ice Hockey team, makes new friends and things go way better.

The message of the movie… You see a kids journey into a depression. That is how I saw it, she got more and more depressed and didn’t know how to reach out or to who. At the end, she didn’t feel anything anymore, again a result of what happens when you get depressed, only Anger and Disgust at all these situation remain. Fear not having much input at that point. But it also shows that it’s okay to be sad. To cry, it helps others understand how you feel. You don’t have to hide it away. It’s the most powerful emotion next to Joy, also don’t be afraid to ask for help and tell people what makes you sad.


I found this a very powerful message for a movie, and even if my kids of 3 and 6 don’t fully get that part of the movie they do get the basics, the fact you have emotions, and that they belong with you. Which is already a very important step. It’s okay to feel emotions, and to show you feel them. It’s okay to ask for help. And above all, all emotions make you, who you are. A strong message for a fun, but psychologically heavy movie.

I sure will watch this movie again, if you haven’t already, be sure to pick it up. It’s worth it.

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