Lassy Fenn | Horizon Zero Dawn – Review

Horizon Zero Dawn – Review

When I heard Guerrilla Games came out with a new game I was kind of sceptic, I only knew them from Killzone. But once they showed what they were working on in a smashing trailer it got me hooked. I had to have the game.

Diving in world I was pleasantly suprised by the atmosphere. The story, based on love, confusion… hope. You start out playing Aloy as a child. A child who has to make due as an outcast much like the one who raises her, Rost. Rost came to terms with his way of life. While Aloy still resists. Her adventurous nature does make her end up in trouble, trouble that will shape and change her life forever.

The game itself is an RPG with a vast open world for you to explore. Mind you loading can take a while in the game. And once I had some fast travel spots I found I was more sucked into loading screens than in any gameplay. So I preferred to do another thing the game gives you. Tame one of the mechanical beasts you come across and ride it around the vast landscape. The same creatures you use to travel, are the same you can kill for parts. These parts you can use to upgrade your weapons. The way Guerrilla shaped these systems made it a joy to hunt and upgrade. Even if the game does shove you into the mindset of a hunter, so you will have to be sneaky and quick, specially at the beginning of the game.

As you progress you will learn a new skill, one I personally love, aside from the bow, the spear… you can also override creatures. You can turn them into your allies. Some you can ride, some act as a bodyguard… a sort pet. All the while you discover more and more of the a totally new world unlike ever pictured before. The game surely doesn’t bore you, there is so much you can do in it. I am still discovering new things… campaign oh sure I’ll finish that over time, right now I want to see what lies beyond that horizon with my newly overridden beast.

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