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Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

Well this is one of those games that stayed with me for a while. Oblivion, it came out in 2005 and brought on the start of a new era in gaming in my opinion. But wait, Oblivion wasn’t the first Elder Scrolls… Was it?

No it wasn’t much like most other games these days it has games that went before it. In this case 3 parts that went before it. Arena, Daggerfall and Morrowind to be precise. If you look at it Morrowind was already an awesome game and held a lot of stuff that Oblivion did as well. It was well received and it sold a lot of copies. It got expansions pretty soon, but then… Ah yes…. World of Warcraft. Bethesda came with part 4.

Oblivion, it had state of the art graphics, a new storyline, which did mix in with earlier parts for the die hard fans, and for the new fans enough new stuff to go around. The major options you have are great, you can own houses, join guilds, basically do whatever you want, it got fans hooked on the game, and I know I played it for hours. The dungeons, the vast world you could explore and later the expansions where awesome. What exactly is the game all about then?

We have a plot that is set after Morrowind, but not set directly after. The story takes place in Cyrodiil, in the Provence of Tamriel, where we have been in so far in the earlier games. You start out imprisoned in a cell and have no idea what you are in for. Seriously, you even ask it when the emperor shows up, turns out not even he knows, go figure. The emperor is fleeing for this band of assassins and has to go through your cell to do it. Having no time, and not wanting to kill you, the guards decide it is your Lucky day.

So what now, you can either go out the door, wait no the game won’t let you, so into the sewers after the emperor it is. You follow them for a bit, take a small side tour and end up back behind the guards and the empror. You guessed it, no matter how hard you try, the emperor gets killed and gives you the amulet of Kings. Why I don’t know defies all logic, but you have appeared in the guys dreams and he trusts you… a prisoner…. yeah. Ok so you have to take this amulet to an heir and you are thrown into the vast world to do this.

Throughout the story you get many side plots, you can join guilds and see how the story goes for yourself. What was actually new then in this game? Well for one the view distance, it was way greater than anything we had seen before. A new AI system was developed as well which made the NPC’s a bit more complex, and you can interact with them more than you could in Morrowind.

The result overall, a game that sold 3 million copies by Jan 2007. It was a huge success. People normally not into RP had to try this anyway and like X-play’s Jason D’Aprille said: ┬á“Oblivion is hands-down better, so much so that even those who’d normally have no interest in a role-playing game should find it hard to resist getting swept up in this big, beautiful, meticulously crafted world”.

All in all a very cool game that in my opinion this day holds up with the newer ones, the graphics still amaze me for the time it came out, and the storyline captivates you. The game never has the same outcome, every time you play it, it’s different.

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