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Dragon Age: Origins

In light of the soon release of the new Dragon Age, I have been playing Dragon Age origins. The one where it all started.

Ah yes, Dragon Age Origins, or the movie with that game running through it…. yeah I know a bit mean but you do get thousands of cut scenes in the first part of the game alone. Of course they establish the storyline here, but good god guys, do you know when enough is enough? There is literally 30 minutes of cut scenes opposed to 10 minutes of play. 4 quests and another cut scene pops up…. In a way it sometimes is annoying and cuts into the pace of the game.


But the storyline?? Well it’s about a world like our own, somewhere set in the middle ages. Elves are an enslaved race and humans kind of rule. However darkness is also seeping into the world, mainly also thanks to your own character. Named dark spawn. Their leader an Arch demon, which is a dragon. Your task is to join a group called the Grey Wardens and fight this evil… of course I can’t go into too much detail without giving away spoilers. The story is very in dept, and the characters are well developed. You actually feel for the characters and get attached to them. I guess that is what you want from a game. The scenery is dark when it needs to be and lights up on occasion. They made the city come to life in beautiful cut scenes and some funny NPC.

The game play is a bit dodgy. You can’t jump, you have to stick to the path laid out for you, and when it comes to fighting the system is very easy and ai of the enemy makes it they are easily defeated. In that manner they could have taken more of a look at Elder Scroll series. Like mentioned before. There are a lot of cut scenes. So for those playing a game for story purpose, have at it. Do you want a more action and fast paced rpg, you might want to skip this one. The way you have to change weapons and enter your inventory is a bit hard. Pressing a trigger, keeping it pressed and then move around pressing 2 other buttons to get to your items alone. It scares off a lot of people to even try. When you level up you have to be careful it’s your own character and not one of your party.

Parties I say? Yes parties, on most missions you won’t go at it alone. You will be accompanied by one of the lovely side characters. One of my favorites is the sarcastic Alaister, who always makes conversations you are having with NPC’s difficult. But it adds the humor to the game. A party generally exists of 4. It can be guards, it can be side characters like Alaister who is a Grey Warden like you. Or just someone you run into in the woods. Some are gone after one side quest. Others tag along longer, and you have to level them up as well.


My personal verdict. I like it. I know more of the story and you can read books about it. I love the characters, and in conversations you get choices which lead to new outcomes. This is the power of the game. No matter how many times you play, you always have a different ending. And it’s all played out before you, nothing is left to imagination. The look fo the game is pretty good. Not high standard for these days, but for when it came out, it could be classed as one of the better looking games. You can also chose your class and your race. Depending on what you chose is where your story starts and where you are headed to towards the end.

So a very wide ranged game when it comes to story… sadly game play could have done better in my opinion. If you enjoy RPG, and liked Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy but wanted a more medieval setting… pick this game up and try it out… I am psyched for the new Dragon Age personally. But I would recommend playing this one first before you have at it. It might not be fully what you are looking for.

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