Lassy Fenn | Do you Remember? PowerPuff Girls

Do you Remember? PowerPuff Girls

So recently my daughter has been taking a liking to a different kind of cartoons. And lately the Powerpuff girls are on top of that list. It made me think back of the first time I saw it when I was in my teens.

The show is about this professor who made a special serium of candy and other stuff you love, but adding chemical X, the powerpuff girls where born. Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles. These three small girls ended up fighting crime with their superpowers.
What made this show so much fun is because they made it funny, for me as a teen it was just that show that was funny, easy drawn and the episodes never took that long. Honestly it was kind of the in between show before the real deal started for me: Dragon Ball Z. But that is another story.

Now looking at it again with my own child I see a bit more in it. The three girls being new, and the fact the narrator now and then will discuss with the characters was a fun new way. The bad guys being kind of average. You had your really smart guy to just pure evil and female super villains that constantly threatened the town. The girls themselves had kind of flat characters, blossom being the leader with all those characteristics and Buttercup being the more rage filled one. Bubbles the sweet and naive one.

But what makes the show then succesful, or so much that it’s actually on Netflix this day…

I think the sheer sillyness and the sheer point that we all already know it. A bit of relief from other shows which actually made sense and had a larger storyline. To this day I kinda like this show and it’s 

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