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Do you Remember? Gargoyles

I think most people who watched Disney hour would remember this show. Gargoyles.

Ah yes, back from the time when the credits gave way the complete history of the show and it was plain simple. Add the deep voice of Goliath to the mix and you had success written all over.

Gargoyles was released by Disney, yes Disney! as a reaction to Batman, Superman and the X-men the animated series, a way for older kids to enjoy. And boy did we enjoy. Gargoyles was full of action, emotion and gigantic monsters slightly stronger than humans who soared through the night. Stone during the day, gave them the weakness and the naivity of Goliath and his clan more humanity than most humans in the show. They are being helped into the new century by Elisa Maza. A detective from New York. But what made this show so grand and work.

Well it had a bit of everything. You had the strong and brave leader named Goliath. The older and more experienced veteran, Hudson. Comic relief in the form of three younger Gargoyles, and even the pet mascot of the group. Soon joined by a more vengeful and strong lead female, Demona. Fun thing here is that by this time you had a lot of strong female roles come around the corner. And Demona was no exception to that rule. Even if she was the vengeful type.

Those where the characters, but what about the story? Well you had this band of creatures, mainly only seen in myths and stories, come to life in the present day. Making it accessable for a lot of people. In fact it starts out with a look back into older days where the Gargoyles where defenders of castles. Stone statues by day and warriors of legends by night. The main villain, and the term stands loosely in this show. Learns of the legend, that a band of Gargoyles was turned to stone by an angry mage, and would only be brought back to life if the castle was raised above the clouds. Yes there was more too it but then you should watch the first episodes.

The next episodes consists of the Gargoyles moving around the city and castle, learning more about the new century. Of course this leads to very dramatic and funny scenes. But to fill whole seasons of this. Well yeah that won’t work. So soon a lot of other characters are thrown in the mix leading to my only problem. Later on in the show it grows a bit thin. The plot is well ok, but it’s too stretched out. The earlier seasons where stronger and I think with all the characters they want to uphold they underestimated the responisibility with it.

But my overal verdict? It was grand. The music gave me chills as did the intro to the show… that voice! And well the characters as they were, where amazingly thought out. They had dept and you felt for them. The themes and the colors where dark, and Disney showed how well it had learned from movies. Here and there bright colors but overal the darkness of the night in all it’s glory. If they are able to put this into a movie I am sure you could fill a series of 3 movies with the first 2 seasons and people would love it. Aside from that idea, I am watching this show again right now as we speak and yes enjoying it while I am doing it.

For those who missed this show on saturday mornings…. Check it out, it will be worth it!

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