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Deadpool the Game

Here is a small game review!

Deadpool.. oh yes I had been psyched for this game since the moment they announced it.

If we were to class the game, I would say Deadpool is your Action beat em up game with upgrade possibilities. Within the game you can upgrade Deadpool, his weapons and ammo as well as his combo’s. They kept in mind one major thing about Deadpool in this game though, the fourth wall. Throughout the game Deadpool will break that wall and interact with you the player, about your skill and progress (these parts also cracked me up the most)

So story wise. All games have a story right?

The story follows Deadpool who wants to make the most awesome game ever as a reaction to the Wolverine game. Starring himself of course, and sets to work hiring some people to work with him. Soon he has voice actor Nolan North backing him up and goes about the story. He first has to assassinate Chance White, a corrupt media boss. As he sets about doing this, sneaking into his headquarters, you will have to face your first baddies and experience Deadpool in all his maniac splendor. From this point on everything goes from bad to worse. Deadpool tackles Mr White out of his penthouse into the sewers below. From here the merc with a mouth has to battle Mr. Sinister and his Marauders, resulting in defeat.  As you can tell there is a red line in story telling here, but like Deadpool it’s chaotic, all over the place and riddled with Cameo’s like Wolverine, Rogue, Domino, Cable and even Death.

The game is a huge hit because of it’s chaotic nature and keeping true to the character of Deadpool. Let’s take a look at the combat system then. Deadpool often resorts to guns and swords to do away with his enemies. But it’s not the only arsenal you can equip. Throughout the game you can find: Hammers, plasma guns and all kinds of explosives to blow everything around you to bits. Along with his short bursts of teleportation and healing factor you can say he is a bit overpowered. But you have to be careful with the latter, if you sustain damage and keep getting hit you won’t heal and actually fall apart. At this point you lose the full Power Rangers movie online

The controls then. I would say here is some small screw ups. Your teleport and counter are on the same buttton, if you don’t keep this in mind while you want to make a safe escape… sorry you lose. The combat in the game can also become very repetitive. You enter an area, with new backdrops and waste the baddies by throwing around combo’s and spins, jumping out to heal and repeat. In this game it’s I fear not so much the controls, game play or even the graphics at times that will keep the player playing. But Deadpool and the story he builds. Because yes, you are in a story he builds as you go along.

‘Hardcore gaming fans’ won’t find much of a challenge here. But the Deadpool fan can find a lot in this game, clever Easter eggs and fun winks to the player make the game worth while.

So overall: Not the best game, definitely not the worst, I played it a couple of times and found it highly entertaining, I will likely play it again many times to just experience the madness that is Deadpool.

Rating is 3/5 So not bad at all, not overly good. Be sure to pick it up when you get a chance.

You can experience Deadpool on: Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and PC. Keep an eye out in the steam sales and enjoy!

Until next time!

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