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Dead by Daylight

The concept of an asymmetrical multiplayer is still an amazingly wonderful concept. There are a lot of successful games out there like Left for Dead. But there are just as many, maybe more less than average games. Fable Legens for example. Dead by Daylight has every promise to be that game that points towards greatness. But just what is Dead by Daylight.

Imagine, you’re hunched in the grass, keeping dead quiet. You’re pressing closer to the wooden panels of the barn behind you while in the corner of your eye the mask of the killer walks by. He didn’t see you. But you’re tense. You’re hands cramping on the keyboard. You keep quiet and in that spot. Then suddenly the music picks up, faster and harder. A red light surrounds you. You’re been spotted! You make a dash by the many obstacles making your way for the door. But you’re not quick enough.

You hear the noise of flesh being ripped open. Then a scream… he’s got you.

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight has picked out the best of the slasher horror genre. Friday the 13th, Halloween, Jeepers Creepers, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and so on. They took all that and put it in a game. This game will put 4 survivers in a death match agains one of 3 killers. Every player has their own style and way of survival. They also levelled up their own way and have their own perks. The killer for instance has better audio and can easily point out where people hide. While survivors will be awarded more points when they save one another.


Through certain choices and skills you will be awarded blood points. This will increase your level. The points you get when you increase can be used to fill what’s called a blood web. In this web you can gain new equipment and skills. This will make the game easier for you to finish the mission. You can for instance unlock first aid kits, but also traps when you chose the killer.

To win the game as a survivor you have to turn on a couple of generators. Whenever you do however, a noise will sound and the killer can see which generator you’re tampering with. It increases your chance immensly to be caught. But these generators are the only way you can open the doors and get out safely. As the killer, you have to prevent any escape and kill all suvrivors in game.
Dead by Daylight2

All of these aspects combined set the tone of the game. Quick and fast paced action merged with bloody and nerve wrecking moments. You will always be on the edge of your seat, no matter what side you chose. Often I will scream along whenever I am caught playing a survivor and cackle like a maniac when I sneak up on my targets as the killer.

In grand total there are 3 levels you can be dropped in. The farm, the lumberyard and the scrapheap. What makes it really interesting is that each level gives the survivors a chance to climb, crawl and hide behind objects. You can climb through windows, or throw over junk in your way. Sometimes this can give you a head start over the killer, and be just what you need to get away. Even if the killer is faster in movement.

Dead by Daylight3

The game will constantly ask you the question: What will you do? Will you chase the survivors at the exact moment you get the flash on your screen of a generator firing up. Or will you wander around and see who you bump into? As a survivor, will you help a team member? Or will you sneak by and start up that one generator while the killer is busy killing that team mate. Choices, choices… and every time will be different.

The graphics of the game are stunning, the environment breathes danger and horror. It sets the tone perfectly. Because of upcoming mist banks you wont be able to look very far and it will only increase your fear and excitement as you try and make your way out. The level of detail in the gore moments are stunning and only contribute in your tense moments.

There still are however 2 points that I have to address. You only have 3 levels to chose from, and even if you never know where you end up, and where the generators end up, you will quickly become known with the maps. It’s more the fact you play against other people which makes them unpredictable which makes it your game chances every time. Likewise you have 3 killers to chose from, it makes me wonder if this is enough to make people return to the game for months.

The other point of irritation is the Lobby system. If you wish to play with your friends in private games you won’t make any progress and you won’t level up. You can’t grow in those moments. I don’t mind playing with strangers… I don’t really look at the game as a social game, you can’t speak with the other players, you just hope they want to head the same way you’re headed. You will have to be patient and hope for the best. And then there is the waiting time. You sometimes have to wait half an hour to get in a game. Especially when you pick to be a killer. Survivors will enter youor lobby and then leave again, this due to a too long wait or connection issues wich will throw you back on the start up screen, this annoys me to no end.

Dead by Daylight4

These two irritation point do make an impact on how I view the game, yet I still would advice you to try this game yourself. It doesn’t matter that much if you play for a day, or multiple times a day the whole month… it’s a game you can grab when you need that little shot of adrenaline. The game is scary and is flawless in it’s execution. You are being trussed into the main character of your own slasher movie, and thanks to the fast action within the game itslf you might forget the long wait in the Lobby. Only time will tell if the game will be among legends. But as it stands, we have a massive game for the multiplayer genre.

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