Lassy Fenn | Character Spotlight: Wolverine

Character Spotlight: Wolverine

Ok I am gonna make some of these on characters I love… and love less, based on facts and my view on them. Let’s start it off with Wolverine.

It’s easily classed as one of THE characters of Marvel, I know I have been there. First time I personally saw him was in the 90’s show, where he was drawn your classic way with the yellow and black spandex.

First time however he came around in the comics was way before that. He actually started in the Incredible hulk series. He wasn’t known and had to get his name still out there, and looked kinda like… well this.


In 1974, well he looks kinda… well yeah, I guess ok, his character black mask is still growing in I guess…
So for a while he disappears and they actually wanted to kill him off, being one of the martyr characters of the X-men line. And a reason for Magneto to lash out more. A year later he appears in Giant Sized X-men. And he is being recruited into the new team… and what do you know. For all his gruffy looks and snarky remarks… aww people like him!
It was around this time he got drawn without the mask and his claws in his arms. They made his hair stand up much like the mask, making them look kinda like ears. So he goes along and helps out saving the original team from death.

And we have the start off for an epic character. Over the years people will grow to love him, and embrace him as the main anti hero, the: I don’t really want to be here character of the X-men. So, the 90’s show was born… Being a main character in the show they had him voice by someone with a rugged voice, which beat the earlier show: Pride of the X-men which was… well… meh.  So after that it was pretty much within circles that it was being watched, by people who knew the comics and where into them, so what made it all go though the roof?…. oh right…


The movie, and who couldn’t love Hugh Jackman portraying the berserker X-men, yes he was too tall, and he did musicals… but he made it work, he was actually I dare say good. So now a larger audience gets their chance to meet the comics characters and the whole movie gave the franchise a boost. You get an actual V3 of Wolverine spin off in the comics. It ran way earlier in V1 and V2 to make them to explain his past and his character. But he went through some chances in V3… You can even find him doing a small anti smoking speech in one of them… eew… But then he also got some longer hair less hairy chest and a more well… hot figure

So now we have a character that became immensely popular, so what do we do? Make another show, based on the movie where we don’t let him smoke, swear and even take his sideburns to make him more accessible I guess. Where he is a teacher… and Cyclops… is a student… and he is… well responsible…. and stuff…. Well you got this in a bit darker spot:



Well they soon came out with X-men two which aside from twisting facts was actually for a sequal… very… well good. We get to see more of Wolverine, and his past, which makes me still think the movies where kind of better of with the title: Wolverine and his bitches. But it worked.

I guess the disappointing movie came with X-men 3.. which we will still act didn’t exits. At least in 2 and 1 they showed his reluctant side, and somewhat caring. But also how easily he can end a life when he wants too. Because that’s what he is, a killer. But in 3 they gave him some epic emo moments, with seeing Xavier die, and well killing Phoenix which he did in the comics too. And well, he sinks into depression and wants to leave and has his alone moment.

It isn’t until the actual Wolverine Movie, Origins, which was one big: Let’s show what we can do with cgi and half a story of a loved character, anomaly. And I do mean that they kind of forgot the fact that he was brainwashed more than once on multiple missions before he ran off, into the wild and away from Weapon X and their metal crafting scientists. And the Hudsons he ran into where… like Younger and he was more… feral trying to kill them. It was like… this


But I guess having dinner with them and having them killed worked… kinda… ish. Aside from the fact they missed some shots and he is not as dark as he can be I guess the movies where fun enough and portrayed him ok… ish… a hell of a lot better than Deadpool anyway.

But what did we miss… our number one Wolverine game, because last one was actually published in 2003, so it was about time, and they where at least as nice to create him on the image of Hugh Jackman. Which was a bullseye. The movie is explained more in detail in the game. So I guess it’s an extend of Wolverine Origins the movie. But then… Why?… anyway I enjoyed playing it none the less.

So all in all, my view on how Wolverine evolved is: It’s logical he had to get more soft because of all the new people wandering in because of the comics, and to give him some more ways you can relate too. I just never really got why they made so many spin offs and so many looks.


But he did do something not many characters can say, and that is he is a loved character and still goes strong after all these years, and yes I still adore him, what he represents and even through all the changes…

Well that is it for now, next time I’ll go in a bit deeper into the whole movie vs games and the comics.

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