Lassy Fenn | Book Comparison: Allison Weir

Book Comparison: Allison Weir

Recently I have been diving into the books of Allison Weir. She writes books about the Tudor era. A very dark time in English History. A time of betrayal, passion and violence. The two books of her I am gonna compare are: Innocent Traitor and Lady in the Tower. Both are about queens of England who have died at the Tower of London.

Innocent Traitor is a roman, a book about Jane Grey, a girl of 16 years old, she is made queen by Lords, sucked into politics, she doesn’t wish to be in. In the end she is killed by her cousin, Mary Tudor. The book is based on letters written between Jane and relatives, as well as teachers. She uses a narrative style, where you read a story, through the eyes of Jane, the end, tragic and leaves you in tears.

Lady in the Tower is more factual. You read letters and facts, which get opposed or backed up. In this way you get the view of Allison, rather than the story of Anne Boleyn which the books is about. A lot of historical facts and numbers get thrown at you, for someone looking for a nice book to sit by the fire and read, this is not one to recommend, which is where the other book wins from this one. I enjoyed it, but then History has always interested me. And reading it like this makes it for some people very matter of fact and lose the flow of the book.

I find both books great ones, and Allison is a great writer, one book is just not suited for the same audiences as the other. And the book about Jane got more attention I think because, she is not as well known. Though even 13 days a queen she should be known. While Anne is a very well known historical figure, who enjoys to this day still a lot of attention from historians and dramatic play lovers a like.

When you have the time pick both books up, read them and compare yourself. I myself however highly recommend Innocent Traitor above Lady in the Tower, simply because of the style and because the story of Jane is worth to read and to know.

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