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Batman Telltale – Review

Let me get one thing out of the way… damn what a story, and game.

I couldn’t stop playing once I started. The story just sucks you in right away.


Now Batman is a huge character and loved by so many. Heck even I grew up watching those Saturday morning cartoons. You know the ones where he was dark and moody and kicked ass?

Yep that’t the one… Well this game takes it a step further. Having played the Arkham series I was very much expecting a game much like that one, in the beginning when you start up the game it seems just that only based in quick time. The first bit you play as Batman preventing some robbery at the mayor office. But then surprisingly afterwards the story focuses mainly on Bruce. I was surprised at how much in debt they went to introduce that side of Batman to us. Yes sometimes the story creaks a bit and it shows some holes. But overall I never was bored. I wanted to know what happened next.

So how does it kick off?? Well, once the credits roll you see yourself get dressed up as Batman. The story is set very much at the very beginning of his career. For those aware of what Telltale does, don’t expect action sequences like you are used to on Arkham. No it’s set up with quick time events and searching for clues on crime scenes, really setting that detective motif there.

As you play along, not Batman but Bruce takes the brunt of attacks, his family accused of horrible things regarding Arkham Asylum. During the story you see a new villain they created push him through 5 episodes of discovering what is real about his family and what is not. Even landing him in Arkham himself one point.

What got me the most in this game is the choices. You really shape your Bruce and your Batman. When you’re going forward you feel like this is YOUR version of who he is, the way YOU want him to be. Not what is dictated to you by a set story. You can make Batman brutal and Bruce an asshole if you wish. But you can also chose for a softer way. It all is up to you, and the results of it do change if you make differences in your choices by a second play through. You feel for the character. The relations he has with the others. And the whole way you wish for a happy end for him. That’s powerful story telling in a game right there.

The graphics are amazing, comic style but animated. And close to resembling what we know to be Batman. His toys his allies. Even his enemies. If you enjoy comics and enjoyed the Batman in it’s full glory, don’t look much further. This game is worth spending some time in. I know I loved it.

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